Landscape design is the art of arranging or modifying the features of a garden or urban area for aesthetic or practical purposes.

VRMA Landscape Designs has been trained to consider the garden as a whole with their extensive knowledge of space theory and design principles. The use of spaces and how they interact with each other is our main focus when designing. Often a clients will have set ideas on what they want in their garden. This is where a designer plays their most vital role. Our architects can go through the ideas and place them in a coherent and economical way to make the most of the space.

With savings from accurate plant, material and finishes selection, hiring professional designers will save you more than the equivalent of their professional fees.

Often, landscapers do not produce the best plan with the client’s needs in mind. The design maybe heavily influenced by cheap and easily constructed elements that are cost-effective for the contractor. By employing an experienced professional, you are assured an unbiased plan tailored to your actual requirements.

During the construction phase, there will always be issues that arise, but the designer is there to settle these on your behalf. They will adapt the concept to suit the changed conditions and maintain the design’s integrity.

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